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Energyworld's main focus this year will be on how IT can be the driving forces that can help create more efficient processes and an increased production value for the Norwegian oil- and gas industry as a whole.

Computerworld will in 2016 be hosting EnergyWorld for the fifth year in a row. The conference will be held in Stavanger, Norway, on March 10, 2016. 

EnergyWorld is the meeting place for all who work with processes, technology, IT-decisions –and basically anyone who has a strategic interest in exchanging ideas about technology within the oil- and gas industry. 


Registration fees

Ordinary: 1590 NOK
(For persons not employed in an IT/telecommunications- or consultant company. If you have a personal subscription to Computerworld, you get a 600 NOK discount).

Vendor pass: 9.000 NOK
(For persons employed in an IT/telecommunications- or consultant company - If you have a personal subscription to Computerworld, you get a 1000 NOK discount).

VIP-code: no charge 
(VIP-codes can not be used by people employed in IT/telecommunications- or consultant companies, but are welcome to purchase one of our 40 vendor passes).

If you have any questions regarding the conference or your registration, please contact us: event@cw.no

Click here to register.

Cancellation Policy

P.S! If you are unable to attend - please let us know as soon as possible. Cancellations must be made before March 3rd. All cancellations made after this date will recieve an invoice for 1000 NOK -  this is to cover the expenses we can not be reimbursed for. Cancellations must be done in writing to event@cw.no 


If you want to become a partner (or an exhibitor) - please fill out this form, or contact our Sales Manager, Rune Antonsen. Email: rune.antonsen@cw.no. Phone: 22 05 30 43.


Computerworld is Norway’s largest IT-and telecom newspaper. EnergyWorld is Computerworld’s conference-and networking event for the oil- and gas industry, and is organized in collaboration with partners and exhibitors. Computer Communications AS owns Computerworld. 

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